Circulation Policy

South Whitley Community Public Library is a member of the Evergreen Indiana consortium. All Evergreen libraries adhere to the policies set forth by the consortium.


Library cards are issued to residents or real property owners of Cleveland and Richland townships and the towns of South Whitley and Larwill. At the time of application, residents must show a photo ID with name and current address. If photo ID does not have a current address, other acceptable forms of identification may be used with the photo ID. These may include the current utility bill with applicant’s name and address, and/or a dated rental agreement. Applications for patrons under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Public Library Access Cards (PLAC) – South Whitley library cards will be issued to non-residents who are in good standing at their home libraries and have purchased an Indiana Public Library Access Card (PLAC).  These cards may be purchased at the home library or at SWCPL.  PLAC cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The fee for PLAC cards is set by the Indiana State Library and may be changed annually.

Non-resident Cards – Patrons who live outside the Library’s taxing district may purchase non-resident cards that are valid for one year. The cost of a non-resident card is based on a formula created by the Indiana State Library and is based on the cost of supplying services to the residents of the served area.  The fee may change annually as determined by the Library Board.

Whitko Cards – Students residing in the Whitko Community School Corporation district are eligible for library cards. A parent’s or guardian’s signature is required.  Cards may also be given to school corporation employees who present Whitko schools identification.

Homeschool Students – Students who do not attend public school and do not live in the served area but live in the area served by a school in the Whitko Community School Corporation are entitled to a library card.

Probationary Period – All new card holders are subject to a 90-day probationary period. During this period, new patrons are allowed to check out only a limited number of materials.  Checkouts will be limited to five print materials and one DVD. Audiobooks, CDs, hotspots or other materials may not be checked out until after the probationary period ends.

Lost Cards – Lost, damaged, or stolen cards may be replaced at a cost of $2.00 per card.

​Loan Periods and Fines

Automatic Renewal and Fines

Items will be automatically renewed up to the maximum number of times available. Items will not be automatically renewed if the item is on hold for another patron. A fine of 25 cents per day will be assessed following the end of the last renewal period.

*New adult fiction and nonfiction books are only available for checkout for two weeks at a time and may only be renewed once.

Patrons who accrue fines will be notified by circulation staff of the amount owed. Fines must be paid in full prior to checking out materials on their next visit. If these are left unpaid the account will be frozen and the patron will be unable to check out materials until the fine is paid.

Cardholders are responsible for all items checked out on their cards. Patrons are required to present their cards at the circulation desk in order to check out items.


Lost or Damaged Items

Patrons are responsible for lost or severely damaged materials.  The replacement cost of the item is the price listed in library acquisition records.  The price includes processing fees.


Miscellaneous Fees

Black and white 8 ½ x 11 copies are $0.10 per page and color copies are $0.20 per page.

Other page sizes are only available on the copier:

black & white: 8 ½ x 14 size =  $0.15   &    11×17 size = $0.40

color: 8 ½ x 14 size =  $0.30   &   11×17 size = $0.80

Pages printed from the computer are $0.20 each. Please do a “print preview” before printing to make sure you are printing only what you need.

Faxes are $0.10 per page.  International faxes may not be sent.

Laminating fees are $0.25 per foot.

Updated and Approved  5/12/2016

Revised and Approved by the Board of Trustees 8/8/2019


Patrons who are not charged late fees/fines

  • Words on Wheels Patrons – Patrons who are registered with the Words on Wheels service and are receiving materials from a library staff member are not charged fines.
  • Volunteers – This includes those who frequently volunteer their time for library projects.
  • Staff Members – Staff members are not charged fines or copy fees, within reasonable limits.
  • Staff Family – Immediate family members residing with library staff members are not charged fines.
  • Friends of SWCPL – Members of the Friends of SWCPL organization are exempt from fines.


Unreturned Items and Longtime Overdue Materials

Per Indiana Code 35-43-4-3.5, it is unlawful in Indiana to fail to return library materials. Through the Evergreen system, South Whitley Community Public Library will issue three reminder letters to patrons who have borrowed and not yet returned items to the library. After the third letter, the item(s) will be marked as lost on the patron’s account. A final reminder letter will be sent to patrons and the patron’s account will be blocked at that time. Patrons are still expected to return the material or pay the cost of the material if it is considered lost.


Electronic Devices Circulation Policy

The South Whitley Community Public Library’s electronic devices are available to the public, but with certain limitations.

Availability and Circulation

  • Devices are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Devices may be checked out to any individual with a valid SWCPL library card for in-library use only.
  • Individuals are allowed to check out 1 device at a time.
  • Devices should not be left unattended while in use. Patrons bear the sole responsibility for maintaining the security of the device while it is checked out.
  • All checked-out devices must be returned to a staff member at the circulation desk at least 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Upon return, the device (along with accessories) will be inspected by the staff.


Limits and Liability

  • Devices are only for use on SWCPL property. If a device is removed from library property, local law enforcement will be notified and the borrower will be denied future borrowing privileges.
  • Device checkout privileges may be revoked if a device is:
  1. not returned on time
  2. not returned in acceptable condition
  • Individuals are to make sure the device is in working order and without physical damage when it is checked out. Any problems discovered upon checkout must be reported immediately to SWCPL staff, otherwise any damage or problem noted by circulation staff upon the return of the device is assumed to be the responsibility of the borrower.
  • Individuals experiencing problems with device hardware or applications, or who have questions, should ask for assistance from the circulation staff.
  • Individuals may not alter, delete, copy, or otherwise modify software installed on the device.
  • Patrons must use headphones when listening to audio or video. Headphones may be borrowed at the circulation desk.
  • SWCPL is not responsible for loss or damage to any removable drives or data that may occur due to the malfunctioning of hardware or software while using SWCPL devices.
  • All personal files must be removed from the borrowed device.


SWCPL reserves the right to deny device usage to any person who is found to be in violation of policies associated with the use of devices, Internet, or personal behavior or the addendums adopted by the Board of Trustees of the South Whitley Community Public Library or their designees.  SWCPL also reserves the right to update the Electronic Device Circulation Policy whenever deemed necessary.

Revised and Approved   3/10/2016

Revised and Approved by the Board of Trustees 8/8/2019; 3/10/2022; 1/12/2023


Hotspot Checkout Agreement

Print Patron Name: (Last name, then first name)



As a borrower of SWCPL’s hotspots I have read and understand the Wi-Fi Hotspot Circulation Policy. I understand that I will be assessed a fee of $98.00 if the hotspot is damaged or lost. I further understand that hotspots are not to be returned in the drop box or I will be fined $10.00.

 Patron Signature: _____________________________________Date__________

 Kit inspected at checkout _________     Kit inspected at check-in ________

                                                    Staff initials                                                                                                         Staff initials

 Wi-Fi Hotspot Circulation Policy

South Whitley Community Public Library has Wi-Fi hotspots available for checkout by SWCPL patrons.

  • Hotspots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Hotspots may only be checked out by SWCPL cardholders who are age 18 and older, and whose account is valid and clear of fees and fines. Patrons must present their library card to check out a hotspot.
  • Hotspots are circulated as a unit, which includes: container, Sprint modem, USB cable, AC charger and instruction card. If one piece of the unit is not included at the time of the return, the entire unit is considered not returned. Hotspots cannot be returned in the drop box; they must be returned to the circulation desk. A $10 fee will be charged if hotspots are put in the drop box.
  • Hotspots are available for a one-week period. A 24-hour window, excluding Sundays and holidays, must be observed before it can be checked out again by the same patron or another patron living in the same household. There is a limit of two checkouts per household per month.
  • Hotspots may not be put on hold.
  • Hotspots are deactivated at the close of business on the day they are due. A fine of $2 per day will be assessed for the late return of a hotspot.
  • Patron is responsible for any lost or damaged hotspots. Damaged or lost items included in the hotspot are charged as such: Sprint modem, $75; USB cable or charger, $20; Carrying case, $1; Instructional card, $2.
  • SWCPL is not responsible for any damage occurring to computers or other devices by use of the hotspot.


Revised and Approved by the Board of Trustees 8/8/2019